Черепашки-ниндзя 4


  • Треков: 25


Название Композитор
1 Fall Back Into My Life
Amber Pacific
2 Cobra Starship
Awww Dip
3 Black Betty
Big City Rock
4 Red Flag
Billy Talent
5 There's a Class for This
Cute is What We Aim For
6 Youth Like Tigers
Ever We Fall
7 Shell Shock
Gym Class Heroes
8 Rip It Up
9 Roses
Meg and Dia
10 Lights Out
11 Bring Me Along
12 Walking on Water
This Providence
13 I Love Being a Turtle (Score)
14 Nightwatcher (Score)
15 Fighting the Stones
Klaus Badelt
16 Final Monster
Klaus Badelt
17 I-Beam Fight
Klaus Badelt
18 Leo Returns
Klaus Badelt
19 Love Being a Turtle
Klaus Badelt
20 Nightwatcher
Klaus Badelt
21 Raph Quits
Klaus Badelt
22 Stars Align
Klaus Badelt
23 Stone Generals
Klaus Badelt
24 Story of TMNT
Klaus Badelt
25 Winter's End
Klaus Badelt